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Concept & Logo

There are ongoing efforts to constantly provide new and update existing content. In our most recent work to expand the program we have redesigned the website and brand identity. This includes a new logo expressing our connection with Steinbeck’s values, literature and growth.

Throughout the works of John Steinbeck, one can find recurring themes of the environment and its relationship with humanity. Steinbeck’s connection to the places he writes about and the landscapes from his childhood contribute to the central concept of the brand and visuals.

Open Book

  • literature, reading, stories
  • history and education
  • communication and sharing
  • author and reader
Steinbeck in the Schools logo


  • lively, friendly, energetic
  • nurturing of young people and education
  • experiencing life

Hills & Valleys

  • fields, farms, nature
  • Salinas Valley, San Antonio Valley, San Joaquin Valley
  • recurring settings in Steinbeck’s works and significant locations in his life

Visuals & Illustrations

The illustrations used throughout the site reflect both the site’s content as well as each of Steinbeck’s works covered on the site. Inspiration was drawn from the settings of Steinbeck’s works, emphasizing a sense of place and connection to the environment.

Of Mice and Men
The Long Valley
Travels with Charley
The Grapes of Wrath