Quiz Questions

Analyzing the Text
Quiz Questions

1. Why will the migrants work for any wage upon arriving in California?

A) To feed their starving families.
B) They have spent all of their resources to get to California.
C) To get rent money to stay at a government camp.
D) Both A and B

2. As former traditional farm laborers, Steinbeck calls the new migrant:

A) a gypsy
B) a tenant farmer
C) a land man
D) a bindlestiff

3. Historically, the small California farmers have tended to side with the migrants in labor disputes.

A) True
B) False

4. What do the migrants fear most?

A) starvation
B) their car breaking down
C) dysentery
D) vigilantism

5. According to Steinbeck, the most unfortunate outcome of the migrants' lifestyle is:

A) High infant mortality
B) Epidemics of disease
C) Loss of dignity
D) Breakup of the traditional family unit

6. The Good Neighbors, a women's organization in the government camps, takes part in all of the following activities with the exception of:

A) Arranging for weekly entertainment
B) Participating in quilting and sewing projects
C) Seeing that destitution does not exist
D) Maintaining the nursery

7. The average annual salary of a migrant worker is:

A) $1,000
B) $300
C) $200
D) $150

8. When times are hard, migrant families of eight often eat the following meal for dinner:

A) Boiled cabbage and beans
B) Dandelion greens and boiled potatoes
C) Fried cornmeal
D) Catfish and fried dough

9. The first large group of foreign immigrants to be used for cheap labor in California were:

A) the Japanese
B) the Chinese
C) the Native Americans
D) the Mexicans

10. Steinbeck recommends that the following steps be taken to help alleviate the suffering of migrant workers with the exception of:

A) Lands should be leased to migrant workers.
B) The communities should be self-governed.
C) Federal land should be set aside as subsistence farms for migrant workers.
D) Associated Farmers, Inc. should manage labor camps.

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