Short Answer Questions

Analyzing the Text
Cumulative Activity
  1. Why does Jim Nolan's lack of family ties make him a good candidate for Party membership?
  2. What kind of personal sacrifices will be required of Jim as a Party Member?
  3. Why does Jim think joining the Party is a good idea?
  4. Describe Mac's personality. What tools does he utilize to be a successful labor organizer?
  5. Why is Dick so successful at gathering aid and supplies from sympathizers?
  6. What ultimately happens to Joy's body?
  7. Why can't the migrant workers leave the Torgas Valley once they realize wages have been cut?
  8. What happens to Old Dan? How does Mac use that event to mobilize the strike?
  9. Why is Anderson scared to let the strikers camp on his property? Why does he reluctantly agree to Mac's proposal?
  10. What kind of person is London? How does Mac win his trust and how does London contribute to sustaining the strike?
  11. Ultimately, why is Dakin a bad choice for leadership of the strike?
  12. Doc Burton seems skeptical about the strike and its purpose. Why then do you suppose he assists the strikers in their efforts? What do you think happens to him?
  13. Describe the strikers' attitude and behavior towards the scabs. Is their treatment of the scabs justifiable? Why or why not?
  14. Who are the vigilantes and how do they work to undermine the efforts of the strike?
  15. What does Bolter offer London as a compromise to end the strike? Why does London refuse the offer? According to Mac, why is keeping the men inspired and unified critical to the success of the strike?

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