Quiz Questions

Analyzing the Text
Quiz Questions

"The Chrysanthemums"

1) Henry wants to take Elisa out to celebrate because he has sold:

A. Her chrysanthemums
B. His apple crop
C. The farm
D. His steer

2) Elisa is described as:

A. Delicate and pretty
B. Strong and handsome
C. Overworked and haggard
D. Wise and knowing

3) The traveling handyman fixes:

A. Pots and pans
B. Farm equipment
C. Plumbing
D. Cars

4) Elisa describes her gardening talents as:

A. A curse
B. Her vocation
C. Planting hands
D. Her one joy in life

5) After Elisa sees her sprouts discarded in the road she:

A. Yells angrily
B. Asks to go to the fights in town
C. Asks Henry to take her home
D. Cries like an old woman

"The White Quail"

1) Mary accepts Harry's marriage proposal after she:

A. Describes her dream job
B. Consults her mother
C. Describes her garden
D. Gets a large diamond ring

2) Mary is afraid the birds stay away from the garden because of:

A. Loud farm equipment
B. A cat
C. The neighbor's noisy children
D. Harry's dog

3) Professionally, Harry is:

A. A farmer
B. A salesman
C. A gardener
D. In the loan industry

4) Harry proposes to get rid of the cat by:

A. Shooting it with an air gun
B. Poisoning it
C. Buying a dog
D. Setting a trap

5) Mary's favorite time in the garden is:

A. Early morning
B. At night
C. Late in the afternoon
D. Lunch time


1) What does Pepé inherit from his father?

A. The family farm
B. A knife
C. His rosary
D. A flask

2) Mama Torres calls Pepé all of the following except:

A. A peanut
B. A coyote
C. A toy-baby
D. Big lazy

3) Pepé goes to town to buy:

A. Flour
B. Horse feed
C. Medicine and salt
D. Blankets

4) What does Pepé use to stop his hand from bleeding?

A. A tourniquet
B. Some gauze
C. Tissue
D. Spider webs

5) What happens to Pepé's horse?

A. It is shot
B. It runs away
C. It dies of thirst
D. It is killed by a mountain lion

"The Snake"

1) Why does Dr. Phillips keep rattlesnakes?

A. For experiments
B. He breeds them
C. For biology classes
D. To send their venom to anti-venom labs

2) How does Dr. Phillips know he has a male rattle snake?

A. The pet store clerk told him it was male.
B. He caught the snake copulating with another.
C. He does not know, he is just guessing.
D. He can tell by a physical examination

3) What animal does the doctor kill which smiles sardonically at the story's conclusion?

A. Cat
B. Snake
C. Rat
D. Dog

4) Why doesn't Dr. Phillips want to feed the snake in front of the woman?

A. The snake already ate.
B. He thinks she will be grossed out.
C. He does not want to kill a rat.
D. He is disgusted by people who make light of such natural processes.

5) What happens to Dr. Phillips starfish experiment?

A. He never started it because he was interrupted.
B. He completes it successfully.
C. It is ruined because he forgets he is timing it.
D. He puts it off until the woman leaves.


1) How does the narrator's memory of eating breakfast with the family he happened upon make him feel?

A. Warm and pleasurable
B. Quiet with contentment
C. Consumed with awe
D. Lonely

2) What work have the men taken up?

A. Picking fruit
B. Picking cotton
C. Cooking
D. Ranching

3) What are the men wearing when they emerge from the tent?

A. Old weathered jackets and pants
B. Underwear
C. Coats
D. New work clothes

4) What is the young woman doing while making breakfast?

A. Singing
B. Nursing her baby
C. Crying
D. Washing laundry

5) What is the man served for breakfast?

A. Ham and eggs
B. Waffles
C. Biscuits and bacon
D. Fried dough

"The Raid"

1) What is Root afraid of?

A. He'll run from the meeting if he is attacked.
B. He will not be able to give his speech.
C. He will forget to pass out the flyers at the meeting.
D. Dick will report him for being out of uniform.

2) Dick tells Root not to worry about getting beaten up because:

A. He will get free hospital care.
B. His attackers will be brought to justice.
C. It will not hurt.
D. The Party leaders will commend him.

3) How does Dick treat Root throughout the story?

A. As a Communist
B. As an inexperienced kid
C. As a traitor
D. As scared

4) When the raiding party arrives, Root:

A. Runs away
B. Hides behind Dick
C. Cries
D. Steps forward to give his speech

5) What is the "opium of the people"?

A. Narcotics
B. Communism
C. Capitalism
D. Religion

"The Harness"

1) Whenever Emma is ill, the neighbors bring Peter:

A. Whiskey
B. Dinner
C. Casseroles
D. Cake

2) After Emma dies, the doctor tries to calm Peter down:

A. With a shot of morphine
B. With a glass of whiskey
C. By talking to him
D. By shaking him and telling him to get a grip

3) After Emma's death, Peter reveals his good posture was the result of:

A. His training in the military
B. Back surgery
C. A web harness his wife forced him to wear
D. His pant suspenders

4) What does Peter love most about his sweet peas?

A. The color
B. The profit he will make
C. The bus loads of school children who come out to see them
D. The smell

5) In San Francisco, Ed finds Peter in a hotel after Peter has been:

A. To see an investor about his profits
B. To a brothel
C. To a restaurant
D. To the theater

"The Vigilante"

1) After Mike departs from the scene in the park he feels:

A. Sad
B. Guilty
C. Lonely
D. Thirsty

2) Mike goes to the bar:

A. For a drink
B. To boast about his participation in the lynching
C. To hide from his angry wife
D. Looking for the company of people who had not been to the lynching

3) Welch, the bartender, is compared to what animal?

A. A sly fox
B. A mouse
C. A hawk
D. A terrier

4) Mike participated in the lynching by:

A. Clubbing the victim in the head
B. Lighting the body on fire
C. Helping to pull on the rope
D. Advertising the plans to friends and neighbors

5) Welch wants a torn piece of the victim's pants to:

A. Display as a trophy in his bar
B. As a memento
C. To give to the sheriff as evidence
D. So Mike won't be caught with it


1) The village of Loma is located near:

A. A ravine
B. A meadow
C. A canyon
D. A swamp

2) If you order a drink at the Buffalo Bar, you will be served:

A. Beer
B. Whiskey
C. Water
D. Wine

3) Why does Alex want to protect the Hawkins sisters' good name?

A. He likes their gingerbread cookies.
B. They were friends of his parents.
C. They give food to Johnny Bear.
D. To preserve their reputation for the community.

4) Who is the father of Miss Amy's baby?

A. A Chinese laborer
B. One of the dredgers
C. Alex Hartnell
D. The Doctor

5) Johnny Bear is aptly named since he:

A. Hunts bear
B. Resembles a teddy bear
C. Looks and moves like an animal
D. Lives in the woods

"The Murder"

1) What does Jim admire most about his wife?

A. Her beauty
B. Her large family
C. Her cooking
D. Her cleaning

2) Jelka's father advises Jim to:

A. Treat her nicely
B. Get her pregnant
C. Beat her regularly
D. Raise horses

3) When Jim gets lonely, he:

A. Goes for a ride on his ranch
B. Drinks beer with Jelka's family
C. Goes to the Three Star in Monterey
D. Visits George, the neighboring farmer

4) Jim beats Jelka with:

A. His fist
B. A bull whip
C. His belt
D. An old board

5) After Jim Beats Jelka, she:

A. Cries and runs away
B. She leaves and returns to her family
C. She goes to the sheriff
D. She goes in the house to make breakfast

"Saint Katy the Virgin"

1) What wrong with Roark's laugh?

A. It's too loud
B. It makes his eyes water
C. It makes other people around him laugh
D. He did not have a proper face for laughing

2) Katy is evil because:

A. She picked it up from Roark
B. She is possessed by demons
C. She was born that way
D. Her mother tried to eat her

3) What converts Katy?

A. Holy water
B. A visit to church
C. The sight of a crucifix
D. Communion

4) Katy is declared a saint because she:

A. Is a virgin
B. Spun on her tail for one and three quarter hours
C. Can heal the sick
D. Converted Roark into a good man

5) Saint Katy is a virgin by:

A. Choice
B. Intent
C. In deed
D. In theory

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