Quiz Questions

Reading Comprehension
Quiz Questions

"The Gift"

1. In the beginning of "The Gift," Jody is awakened in the morning by:

A) Doubletree Mutt
B) Billy Buck
C) A triangle
D) Carl Tiflin

2. In "The Gift," Carl and Billy Buck are meeting some men to sell cattle:

A) In Monterey
B) In the Gabilan Mountains
C) At the ranch
D) In Salinas

3. Billy Buck is considered an expert with:

A) Horses
B) Branding
C) Slaughtering pigs
D) Breeding dogs

4. Carl Tiflin is most often described as:

A) Handsome
B) Cruel
C) Stern
D) Jovial

5. Gabilan dies from:

A) Pneumonia
B) Rabies
C) Starvation
D) The Strangles

"The Great Mountains"

1. Jody inquires about the mysterious mountains to the:

A) North
B) South
C) East
D) West

2. Gitano comes back to the Tiflin ranch to:

A) Work
B) Die
C) Buy some cattle
D) Ride horses

3. Carl Tiflin thinks old people are:

A) Useless and should be put out to pasture
B) To be respected
C) Wise
D) Great story tellers

4. Jody spots Gitano in possession of:

A) A lot of money
B) Old Easter
C) A revolver
D) A Rapier

5. Gitano rides off into the mountains:

A) On a donkey
B) In the Tiflin's old Ford
C) On Sundog
D) On Old Easter

"The Promise"

1. What does Ruth Tiflin find in Jody's lunch pail?

A) A collection of bugs and reptiles
B) An uneaten lunch
C) A bad report from his teacher
D) Stolen money

2. What will it cost Jody for his new horse?

A) Ten dollars and some light chores
B) Five dollars and taking care of Nellie
C) A summers worth of chores with no complaints
D) Two dollars and fifty cents

3. What is the name of Jody's dream stallion?

A) Pepper
B) Gabilan
C) Sundog
D) Demon

4. Jody feels unlucky after thinking about Nellie and his colt:

A) At the brushline
B) Under the black cypress tree
C) In the bunk house
D) While looking at the Great Mountains

5. What does Billy Buck have to do to fulfill his promise to Jody?

A) Buy Jody another pony
B) Sell his own horse
C) Build a new corral
D) Kill Nellie in order to deliver her colt

"The Leader of the People"

1. Whose father is Grandfather?

A) Billy Buck's
B) Carl's
C) Jody's
D) Ruth's

2. What does Jody ask Grandfather to help him hunt?

A) Mice
B) Deer
C) Bear
D) Bison

3. Carl Tiflin embarrasses himself by:

A) Falling off a horse
B) Being rude
C) Trying to apologize to Grandfather
D) Burning supper

4. What does Grandfather say was most important about his leadership while crossing the plains?

A) The adventure
B) The gun battles
C) The Native Americans
D) It was a whole bunch of people made into one big crawling beast

5. What does Jody offer to do for Grandfather to make him feel better?

A) Make him lemonade
B) Curry his horse
C) Apologize for his father
D) Have Billy slaughter a pig

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