Jeopardy Interactive Review Game

Get Them Out of Their Seats
Cumulative Activity
Grades 6–12
Language Arts, History
Large Group, Review


  • Students will review what they have learned from the novel.
  • Students will be prepared for an upcoming cumulative assessment on the novel.


This is a fun post-reading PowerPoint based activity where students have a chance to ask questions to answers based on the popular quiz show. Teachers can devise their own questions/answers (based on class discussions) and show the quiz program on a television or an LCD projector.

Materials Needed/Preparation

  • Computer and LCD projector or interactive white board.
  • Students have completed the novel.
  • Questions and answers have been created and entered into the PowerPoint (see slide 1 for detailed instructions).
  • ~It is highly suggested that a question-and-answer key be created and on hand during the game (see sample below). This will help when loading questions into the PowerPoint and will serve as a master copy for the teacher to use during the game.
  • Quiz show buzzer system (optional).

Estimated Time

1 class period


  • Depending on the class size, divide students into at least three groups.
  • Display the game board.
  • Read the categories to the class.
  • Determine which group chooses first.
  • Begin game play.
  • ~Refer to slide 1 of the PowerPoint for details on how to move through the game board, answers, and questions.
  • ~An electronic quiz show buzzer system would be ideal. However, students can “ring in” by raising a hand or with a noise maker; if using noise makers, use distinctly different ones for each group.
  • ~In order to get as many students as possible involved, consider requiring every student to give an answer.

Post Activity/Takeaways/Follow-up


  • The main purpose of this activity is to help students review for a cumulative test on the novel. Students should come away from this activity better prepared for a test.


  • Follow-up with students who did not participate (or participated less than expected) to ensure that they are prepared for the test.


  • Take note of students who did not participate (or participated less than expected). This may be an indication that the student needs to prepare more thoroughly before the test.
  • This activity is meant to prepare for an assessment.

Common Core State Standards Met

  • Reading Standards for Literature 6-12
  • ~Craft and Structure: 4
  • Reading Standards for Informational Text 6-12
  • ~Craft and Structure: 4
  • Reading Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies
  • ~Craft and Structure: 4

Additional Information

  • If a budget is available, simple buzzer systems can be used.
  • Find a Sample Answer Key in Handouts.

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